Our properties are equipped with energy-efficient solutions, where you can benefit from, both in winter and summer.

Best Deal Properties specialising in constructing value-for-money apartments, maisonettes, and penthouses in the South of Malta, we understand the importance of energy efficiency, and so we included several features to our new properties:

Insulating Front Bricks
Instead of properties being built with only a single layer of nine-inch brick, Best Deals’ properties combine a front layer of brick seven inches wide with a five-inch inner polystyrene sheet and an internal bricklayer of six inches. This unique system for building the properties’ outer walls ensures that the internal apartments, as well as its common areas, are better insulated against the wind and cold weather, whilst providing a cooling system against the intense heat of summer.

Performance Energy Certificates
A performance energy certificate for every individual unit will be given to each new homeowner on contract so that you can know exactly how efficient your property is in terms of Energy Units and CO2 consumption.

Solar Water Heaters
All of Best Deals’ properties in Malta are sold with a SolaHart 180 litre solar water heater installed. These water heaters can save up to 90% of your electricity bills, and save you money on expensive electric water heating systems.

Pellet-Burning Stoves
In collaboration with Clementi Italy, Best Deal Properties provides digitally controlled pellet burning stoves that are perfect for heating up open-plan apartments. Your kitchen, living area, dining area, and even the bedrooms will benefit from the warmth of the stove, without using electricity or gas.

Foam Insulation
The roof of all properties is insulated with two inches of insulating foam, providing maximum heat loss in winter and heat reduction in the winter.

Double Glazing
Double glazing in Malta not only blocks out noise from neighbours (particularly important when one is living in a block of apartments) and from traffic but also provides additional protection against the cold and bad weather.

As the homeowner, you can also adopt certain elements of your home to maintain its energy efficiency. For example, you can make sure to choose kitchen and washroom appliances with an energy star rating, whilst installing fans instead of air conditioning units and using curtains in winter to reduce the loss of heat from the home.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient property in Malta, look no further than Best Deal Properties. Our property sales consultants will be able to guide you in cost savings, and ensure that your home maximises its energy potential for years to come.

The following certificates represent our energy efficiency improvement from the year of 2014 to 2017. 

Energy Efficiency Certificate 2014
Energy Efficiency Certificate 2017