All our projects are created around a personalised approach to project management, our project managers, architects, engineers, interior designers and construction managers are all designing, planning and managing your project, collectively from day one. This synchronised team continually collaborates to generate the ultimate in efficiency and value, creating a hassle free environment for our clients as much as possible.

Why Us?

Finding the perfect equilibrium between time, quality, and cost is often an impossible task for construction projects, even minor alterations or upgrades to your home can be challenging.

We at Best Deal Properties strive to find the perfect balance using the synergy that comes from having one management team with over ten years of experience in the design and construction management of projects.

  • 10 years experience in different residential types
  • A vibrant and energetic design team backed by a prestigious professional architecture practice
  • Reliable scheduling and delivery
  • Hassle- free + Flexibility
  • Having a large team working seamlessly in shorter time-frames
  • Strong relationships with suppliers - guaranteeing quality and best value for money


  • Interior Design consultation
  • Finishing specifications chose by the client in order to finish off your home in your own distinctive style
  • Modifications like structures and plan of water and electricity points, led points to your proffered choice
  • Safety features including fire doors - fire detection system in common areas
  • Quality Finishes, our upgraded list of property finishes now includes additional features to make our properties the best on the market
  • Energy Efficiency, benefit from lower running costs and energy-efficient solutions
  • Condominium - for the first five years we handle the operations
  • Always looking to improve and on the lookout for new solutions

How We Work

Best Deal Properties uses a project delivery system where, in contrast to the traditional method, the design and construction and finishing phases are contracted as one entire project.

We bring value through innovative design while balancing image, function, quality, sustainability, and cost expectations.