Energy Efficiency at Trilogy Court

Construction of Trilogy Court in Zabbar is almost complete, and Best Deal Properties is currently working on maximising the energy efficiency of this spectacular property through several innovative new techniques.

The first included a modification in the way in which the property structure was built, adopting a system of insulation in which the property, instead of having a single layer of brick nine inches wide, has a front brick layer of seven inches, five inches of polystyrene sheets and then an inner six inch layer of brick. These features ensure that the outer walls of the property are better insulated against the cold and the wind, as well as providing extra protection against the summer heat.

Aside from this and a SolaHart solar water heater installed on the roof of this property, Trilogy Court also includes Aerated concrete which is a specialised insulation screed creating high fire resistance, waterproofing, insulation and even sound proofing. This material is the ideal green building material for energy efficient and sustainable building solutions.

This concrete is made from cement, natural sand, water and a vegetal foaming agent, derived from plants. It can be of densities starting from 200 kg/m3 to 1200 kg/m3. Cellular concrete is highly fire resistant and corresponds to the first degree of refractoriness and thanks to its thermal conductivity Trilogy Court will be able to accumulate more heat during the winter than a typical property, reducing heating consumption expenses by up to 30%.